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    Ready to smart look?
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    Enhance your muscles.
    Ready to smart look?
What is

Anyone can smart look

Do you feel like you're lacking of confident in your looks? Do you feel it’s difficult to find clothes that fit your body? What if there is a shirt that can help you? ZUPPER is an instant appearance and confidence boost shirt for underweight people. Anyone can instantly look more masculine, just put ZUPPER on.

Instant solution

Have you ever felt annoyed with clothes that don't fit your body? What if it happens on your very important day? What if your special clothing ruins your physical appearance? Instead of shining, you might end up looking funny. What if this makes you lose confidence in your looks, and afraid of going out?, and what if working out takes too long time to solve this? Let's ZUPPER be your instant solution.

Helps you boost your self-confidence
Only wear ZUPPER as an undershirt, and put your clothing on as usual, you can surprisingly instantly look more muscular. No matter what you’re wearing, you can easily look smart, handsome, and ready to shine with ZUPPER.
What is “ZUPPER”
Made from?
ZUPPER is made from spandex fabric which is soft and thin. Spandex fabric has the ability to return to its original shape after stretching, and hugs the body providing unequalled support and comfort. To give you a muscular look, ZUPPER is padded with synthetic fiber sponge around the main upper-body muscle spots, which are chest, shoulder, biceps, and triceps. Mended carefully, ZUPPER allows you to look more muscular instantly, boosting your appearance, confidence when you wear it.

ZUPPER boosts your confidence


Wear ZUPPER first

Only put on ZUPPER as an undershirt before wearing clothing as usual, you can instantly have a better look.


Build confidence

ZUPPER doesn't only help you improve your physical appearance but also boosts your confidence as a result of having a better look.


Ready to shine

Believe it or not? With your own clothing, you can become much more attractive than ever before once you change from your thin look to a smart look.


Feel comfortable

ZUPPER is made from spandex fabric which is not only soft and thin but also has the ability to return to its original shape after stretching, and hugs the body, providing unequalled support and comfort while drawing away moisture.


“Only here”

Granted by Department of Intellectual Property, ZUPPER is only available for purchase online, and through permitted dealers. [ZUPPER's patent number: 1403001741]

Easy way to own
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