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“ZUPPER” history

The idea of “ZUPPER” is originally from the brand owner. The owner, in the past, was one of the underweight people who was always concerned about his body and looks when wearing clothes. He found that it was very difficult to find clothes that fit his body. This didn’t only affect his physical appearance but also self-confidence in his everyday life.

“For this reason, I started working out so hard and took a lot of dietary supplements to build my body, and to have a good physical appearance like everyone else”, said the owner. What the brand owner has found is working out is the right and best way to build muscle yet it takes years to succeed, while from time to time along the way he still had to dress up for a formal event. This is how he came up with the idea of changing physical looks instantly.

The idea of “ZUPPER”

While the brand owner was watching a movie, he saw some actors wearing clothing specially made to make the character look more muscular. This was his inspiration for inventing a shirt that helps boost people’s physical appearance, making them look smarter and more handsome. “Women can buy underwear that supports their breasts, why can’t men have something similar?”, said the brand owner. After that, he started inventing a shirt that can instantly change people’s physical looks. Human anatomy and physical studies were used to support the shirt design, while proper materials were selected to create the shirt that can be easily worn in everyday life. As a result, “ZUPPER” was invented.


After trying “ZUPPER”, the brand owner found that it greatly boosted his confidence when going out like never before. With more self-confidence, he could hardly believe that he could do something that he had never done before. “ZUPPER” was also his inspiration and motivation to continue working out as he really wanted to have a good-looking appearance with-out the shirt. Though the brand owner doesn’t wear “ZUPPER” anymore, he still wants to share his story and help underweight people with concerns about their body and physical appearance change their lives, to be more confident, and to experience a whole new world. If you are lacking confidence in your looks, and are desperate to find clothes that fit you, “ZUPPER” is your solution.


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